Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Update – Safer at Home Order

Update from the Office of Gov. Polis, June 26, 2020: Determining Level of Risk During COVID-19

Colorado has been making great progress against this virus, and we’re faring better than certain neighboring states and many states around the country. Our progress is a testament to the people of this state continuing to wear masks, keep distance, protect vulnerable populations and exercise good judgment.

However, new outbreaks are beginning to emerge in the San Luis Valley, El Paso, Boulder, and San Miguel Counties, and we are monitoring Eagle County closely as well. These spikes serve as a reminder to us all that this pandemic can turn around very quickly, if we do not take precautions to continue flattening the curve.

There is only so much that any government can do. We all have to take personal responsibility and consider the level of risk when participating in certain activities. It is also important that we keep our guard up as we approach Independence Day and the weather continues to get warmer.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before participating in group activities:

  • How many other people will be participating in this activity?
  • Is the activity outside?
  • Can I put distance between myself and others?
  • How long will the activity take?
  • Do I feel 100% healthy?
  • How will I get there? Biking, walking, driving in a car are safer than public transportation.
  • Do I live with someone who is more vulnerable to COVID-19, and would be at high risk if I happened to bring the virus home?
  • What is the value of this activity to me versus the risk I am taking?

 Group activity risk levels:

  • Activities such as camping, hiking, biking, outdoor exercise and activities and shopping outdoors at a farmer’s market are fairly Low Risk activities
  • Activities such as dining out, playing on the playground, shopping indoors, visiting a swimming pool are Medium Risk activities.
  • Activities like airline travel, concerts, attending worship services in-person, personal services, bars, gyms, large gatherings are High Risk activities.

In order to minimize risk, please exercise personal responsibility, use common sense, and err on the side of caution. Visit for more information about how we can continue to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy.

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